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Mondriaan Quartet and AMT:

AMT stands for the faculty Art, Media and Technology of the Utrecht school of the Arts. Part of this faculty are the studies Music Technolgy and Interaction Design en the Projects-agent.

All tree participated in the development of the Algoritmic Composer. The Projects-agent stands for the acquisition of asignments for students

The Algoritmic Composer is a project in wich two disciplines are involved: Algoritmic Composition and Interface Design. Algoritmic Composition is a part of Misic Technology, while Interface Design is an important subject in Interaction Design.

The project team

Roger Lenoir,MT
Research and programming Composition-Algoritme
Bas Lenfert,MT
Programming and implementation Composition-Algoritme
Roel Beemsterboer,ID
Design and programming User-Interface.
Werner Teeling,ID
Research "On-line" techniques.
Jan-Wijbrand Kolman,ID
Projectmanagement and programming Internet-Site.
Anne Nigten,Projectenbureau KMT
project acquisition.

At this moment the Composer is still under development.:
De off-line DEMO is ready for download and trail right now!