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Every object stands for a musical object. Each of the object's properties determine the musical material that will be generated. There are main objects by wich the composition can be made:

Statement1: Statement: Creates totally new musical material.

Antecedent2: Antecedent: Changes musical material by looking at the next object.

Concequent3: Concequent: Provokes a contradiction. Antecendent and Concequent allways come in pairs.

Preperation4: Preperation: Borrows parameters from the next object, but does not create new musical material.

Extension5: Extension: Borrows parameters from the previous object, and extends it. Does not creat any new material.

These objects, their repsective parameters and the sequence placed in determine musical algortime-parameters, by wich the musical material will be genarated.

At this moment the Composer is still under development.:
De off-line DEMO is ready for download and trail right now!